Mielcke and Hurtigkarl – Copenhagen


Last week I finally visited one of the prettiest restaurants in Copenhagen, Mielcke & Hurtigkarl. It is situated by the entrance of the Frederiksberg park and everything is very calm, airy and light. It feels like a green house and as a guest you feel like a precious orchid taken very well care of.
We went for the seven course menu and were started off with some pretty, little -yet quite filling- appetizers. Vietnamese tacos, Bánh xèo, with slices of duck heart and onion.

IMGP8977Followed by burning hot Japanese takoyaki – you know, I avoided them in Japan, but they were delicious.

IMGP8979More Japan: soba noodles and egg yolk. And reflection of the ceiling decoration. Egg yolk is still hot in 2014?!

IMGP8980Sea buckthorn in the shape of leaves. Yoghurt snow, chamomile sirup. Sweet and sour. So pretty, so crunchy!

IMGP8985Sour dough bread to-die-for and (obviously!) herbed butter. I know, looks like matcha ice cream.

IMGP8989Common cockle on porridge with beets. The trout and quinoa dish before that was forgettable, so I forgot to photograph it.


Jerusalem artichoke, dried boar, truffles. Well engineered!IMGP8995

Langoustine, shiso, onions. Fantastic. Doggy bag please.IMGP8999

Pigeon, elderberries, mushrooms and celeriac. No big fan.


Beetroot, chocolate, chili. One of the first times they served this. Many more must follow, this just works!IMGP9006

One more fantastic dessert: sesame ice cream, wild rice, kelp and white chocolate. IMGP9009 IMGP9014

Metallic petit fours and very pretty Royal Copenhagen china.IMGP9016Seven delectable courses and a wonderful night. I especially appreciated the Japanese touch in a lot of the dishes. The very bare, large tables with white table cloths do not exactly give any feeling of Danish “hygge” – cosiness- but the room is still so pretty that it makes you feel comfortable and welcome. Mielcke & Hurtigkarl is a definite winner!

5 thoughts on “Mielcke and Hurtigkarl – Copenhagen

  1. Kære Kristina,
    Nørj, hvor ser det dog fantastisk ud. Jeg kan godt forstå sammenligninge til 1.th. Jeg må helt klart derhen. Håber, jeg kan lokke min fotograf med!

      1. Går i gang med det samme 😉 Tak for inspirationen! Du var lige det sidste skub!!!! Er helt tosset med det japanske i det nordiske. Elsker begge de “rene” køkkener

    1. That sounds great! Have a look around here, I have plenty of posts about Copenhagen restaurants! But there are of course also great places outside of the capital! Let me know if you need some hints! All the best

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