On horse and bike in southern Sweden


The summer seems to have ended in Scandinavia. And what a summer it was! Not often we have weeks and weeks of sunshine like we had this year. Today though it’s rainy and grey and I finally get the time to collect some of my pictures from spring and summer.

One really beautiful trip in the late spring brought me to the peninsula of Bjäre in the south west of Sweden, not far from Copenhagen. Easily accessible with public transportation and perfect for cycling we brought our bikes on the train to Båstad and cycled to the small hotel Kvinnaböske Krog where we were invited to by the very enthusiastic owner Björn. “I have just opened the most fantastic little hotel here in Kvinnaböske and I want the world yo know” he told us and we were more than willing to see it for ourselves.


We arrived around lunchtime and Björn right away put his apron on and made us a refreshing lunch before he came out on the porch to sit with us and tell us about the area. His hotel is situated beautifully in the hilly area of Bjäre and he has put a cosy personal touch on the place. Our room was overlooking the garden and a horse paddock and the only noise (sound, rather) was that of humming bees and birds.

Following Björn’s advice we cycled towards the seaside town of Torekov through fields of potatoes and lettuce, stopped by a local farmer to purchase home made cheese and were stunned by the views of the area.

IMGP9352 IMGP9356lettuce BjäreTorekov is a small fisher’s village with pretty old houses and a little marina. In the summer it is a popular sea side resort. We stopped for a cup of coffee and enjoyed the calm pre-season atmosphere.

IMGP9358 IMGP9359

IMG_1805The next day I had the wonderful opportunity to see more of the peninsula, this time on horseback. Björn’s friends John runs the Westfield Horse Safari where he offers trips on beautiful, very patient horses from his homeland Ireland. He heads the trips himself and brings you to the coastline, through the woods and along fields of apple trees. You come close to some of the wealthy Stockholmers’ summer houses that you (I…) can just dream about and you have stunning views over the bay. John is as patient as his horses and he will make sure to find the right fit of horse and rider so that everyone feels safe. Am I the only one to think that horseback riding is the best way to explore an area?!

johns pics 035 bastad

With a healthy appetite after our riding trip we stopped at Tant Grön on our way back to Kvinnaböske Krog and did some power shopping of the foodie kind. The small deli has gathered specialties from producers in the Bjäre area, teas, charcuterie, chocolates and marmalades and lots of other things.

IMG_1834 IMG_1836 IMG_1838

Bjäre has a lot of delicious treats that make me wish to come back. But after some (short) consideration I can say the best is the crisp bread Björn would serve us before our meals. I am addicted!


Thank you Björn and John for a wonderful weekend. We are sure to be back!

You can read about the cycling part of our trip on ibike.dk


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