About The Truffle Dog

About Truffle Dog Travels

“we are going to Rome next week, is there something you can recommend?” Yes, there most definitely is! I have been asked for recommendations about Italy and Germany, places I visit regularly, many times. And I love to give elaborate answers to these questions. So Truffle Dog Travels came to life. To gather the best places I have visited, for everyone to see. Restaurants and food stalls often are on top of my lists.  Food is just an essential to get to know a country!
For my good sense of smell I was once called truffle pig but I somehow prefer “dog”!  Well, long story short: If you have noticed, neither Rome nor Berlin range with a lot of posts on the blog yet. But they are my babies, you know, it’s hard to get them started.

I always like to take the view of a local when travelling to other cities. Blogs often are the best source to prepare for doing so. I also want to give you an insight to my current home town which is why many of my posts regard wonderful Copenhagen. However, the truffle dog travels and I will sniff up a little of this and that when travelling abroad and share it with you here.

I do not seek fine dining, even though I sometimes end up in gourmet restaurants. But first and foremost I appreciate the true love for food that means my favorite dinner option would be at the home of an Italian family with mamma in control. The opinions I express when I write about restaurants are always absolutely subjective, you might have a totally different experience when you go there.

Both when travelling and when eating out I prefer local solutions. I want to leave an impression on this planet but there is no need for my foot prints on nature to be bigger that absolutely necessary. Local and seasonal produce tastes best and staying in a private flat instead of a hotel will give you the most authentic experience. I hope you will be inspired!

Thank you so much for stepping by and I would love to hear from you, so comment away and do not hesitate to contact me on:


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