The summer seems to have ended in Scandinavia. And what a summer it was! Not often we have weeks and weeks of sunshine like we had this year. Today though it’s rainy and grey and I finally get the time to collect some of my pictures from spring and summer.

One really beautiful trip in the late spring brought me to the peninsula of Bjäre in the south west of Sweden, not far from Copenhagen. Easily accessible with public transportation and perfect for cycling we brought our bikes on the train to Båstad and cycled to the small hotel Kvinnaböske Krog where we were invited to by the very enthusiastic owner Björn. “I have just opened the most fantastic little hotel here in Kvinnaböske and I want the world yo know” he told us and we were more than willing to see it for ourselves. Read More

IMG_1566Sicily is not as famous for its’ food as other Italian regions but never the less Sicilian food is phenomenal. The restaurants hide the good stuff very well from tourists but a lot of street food is easily accessible for everyone. Restaurants indeed require a little research.

You will probably not be able to avoid trying some of their almond or pistachio cakes. They are everywhere and they go oh-so-well with a cup of coffee. Which you will have several times a day. Read More


We wanted to escape the last of the Copenhagen winter feeling and enjoy spring in Sicily. Spring in Italy is soft and with winters not as harsh as their nordic counterparts you sometimes almost don’t feel the move from one season to the other. But when chestnut roasters on the streets are swopped for artichoke vendors you know it’s there! Mighty spring! Read More


Last week I finally visited one of the prettiest restaurants in Copenhagen, Mielcke & Hurtigkarl. It is situated by the entrance of the Frederiksberg park and everything is very calm, airy and light. It feels like a green house and as a guest you feel like a precious orchid taken very well care of.
We went for the seven course menu and were started off with some pretty, little -yet quite filling- appetizers. Vietnamese tacos, Bánh xèo, with slices of duck heart and onion.

IMGP8977Followed by burning hot Japanese takoyaki – you know, I avoided them in Japan, but they were delicious.

IMGP8979More Japan: soba noodles and egg yolk. And reflection of the ceiling decoration. Egg yolk is still hot in 2014?!

IMGP8980Sea buckthorn in the shape of leaves. Yoghurt snow, chamomile sirup. Sweet and sour. So pretty, so crunchy!

IMGP8985Sour dough bread to-die-for and (obviously!) herbed butter. I know, looks like matcha ice cream. Read More

2013 I had plenty of great trips in my calendar: Japan, Spain, Sweden, Germany. I have been so lucky! Here are some of the best food experiences I made this year. Hopefully they can be of inspiration for your 2014 travel planning!


Hida beef to be grilled on a magnolia leaf at the Oyado Yoshinoya Ryokan of the sweetest host couple in Takayama.

P1030358Deep fried oregano at Mugaritz near San Sebastian. Tangy, crisp, fresh. Makes you crave for more! Read More


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